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Apply for Service

We've made it easier than ever to initiate your construction project. Whether it’s a small-scale project or a larger new development, you can now submit your details and get your project with SDG&E underway. Along the way, we'll provide the instructions you need to make sure your application is promptly reviewed and processed.

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Change to Existing Service

The property already has a meter.

You’re doing a renovation or upgrade that significantly changes the electrical or gas power needs.

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New Construction

The property does not have a meter.

You’re working on new construction that requires electric (overhead or underground) or gas line installations.

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What to Expect


Gather your project details and documentation:

  • Civil plans (g.grading, street improvement), architectural plans (e.g. site, elevation, exterior, landscaping), electrical and/or plumbing plans, assessor’s parcel map.
  • Contact an electrician or plumber to calculate your gas and electric appliance loads (energy usage) for existing and new loads​
  • If you are adding an ADU, you will need to establish an address for the dwelling through the municipality before submitting your application​
  • If you have a BSP account, have your documentation ready to upload at the end of your online application. ​


Register or log in to Builder Services Portal (BSP)

  • Create your BSP account to gain access to all the project management features ​


Apply online:

  • Key contacts for your project: Primary Contact, Property Owner (listed on SDG&E usage account), Applicant/Builder, Legal Contact​
  • Project dates and details: Start & finish dates, special site or property conditions, desired location for meters, permit requirements, etc.​
  • Allow 2 weeks for SDG&E to review your application​
  • f you are applying for a change in existing service, we will contact you to request the loads for ALL electric and gas appliances that exist.​


Once we have everything, we assign your project to an SDG&E planner and initiate the work, including:

  • Scheduling a field visit, as needed
  • Discussing project options
  • Issuing a service work order
  • Scheduling SDG&E’s portion of the work

For larger new construction projects, we'll also provide access to the Builder Portal, where you can monitor the progress of your application and the work being performed by the SDG&E team on your project.

Please keep in mind that the timeline of your service request will be dependent on the complexity of your project.  If you will be adding square footage, changing the footprint, or increasing heights be aware of potential encroachments to SDG&E facilities or easements.

Already Have a Project Underway?

Track the status of large distribution projects using our Builder Portal. You’ll need a project number and access code, which are provided at the beginning of the project. If you do not have this information, please contact your SDG&E Planner.

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Need More Information for New Construction?

If you need more information before applying, you may download a new construction form to review detailed requirements prior to submitting your request.