Major Projects:
Providing a safe, efficient and
resilient energy system

Major Projects

Our commitment to providing you with safe and reliable energy means making improvements to our electric system. Our energy infrastructure projects help reduce the risk of wildfires, prevent power shutoffs and enhance power grid resilience. Other benefits include beautification of neighborhoods and easing the need for vegetation management efforts – leaving more of California’s trees untouched. This is accomplished by undergrounding overhead electric power lines, and replacing wood power poles with fire-resistant steel poles. Other steps we’re taking to improve reliability include more inspections of our electric system and additional tree trimming. 

Other energy infrastructure projects include expanding and modernizing our electric substations to help increase system capacity and reduce congestion on the power grid.  As our region expands, our demand for energy also grows – improving our electric system helps support this increased demand. Our substation enhancement projects help facilitate the increase of renewable energy because our electric system will now have greater capacity. 

Here are some of the current, planned and proposed projects that demonstrate our commitment to building the cleanest, safest and most reliable energy company in America.

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